Remember why you started

Tonight I was tired, hungry, sore,run down, hungry, mentally exhausted, and hungry.  Did I say hungry?  Yes, I am 7 weeks into my second bikini competition prep and today I realized I still have 5 weeks of this to go.  I just want a bottle of wine!  I started to question why I signed up to do this again.  Because working 40 + hours a week as an engineering group leader, teaching group fitness and being a Beachbody coach isn’t enough, why not add something else to your plate Nicole?   I was working on cleaning out our home office so I can set up a workspace for by Beachbody business while listening to training videos on my soundbar and doing laundry.  On breaks I would watch the new release of Group Power that I need to have memorized by March 7th.  I wasn’t getting very far on any of my many  tasks and then I realized I still need to practice posing this weekend.  Okay, so I got back to the office. (Yep, that is pretty much how my ADD brain works)  It was at that moment that I found a letter that my oldest son wrote in 8th grade.  The assignment was to write about your Idol.  His good friend chose Michael Jordan.  My son chose his mom.

Vinny's Letter.jpg

This letter is all I needed to stop my pity party, get my office in order, finish the laundry and practice my posing.  Just when you are ready to give up and quit, remember that somebody is watching.  What kind of example do you want to set for your kids?  My passion, motivation, focus, drive and intensity is fueled by my love for my kids.  Be strong for them. FullSizeRender.jpg

3 thoughts on “Remember why you started

  1. Got the crystals in the mail and applying them onto your little suit! Five weeks to go so don’t give up. I made western egg omelets, roasted veggies and stuffed peppers to keep my clean eating going this morning and Had three kids over night and neighbor girl over for a few hours today all while prepping my food and applying crystals. Sometimes being ADD helps!


  2. I got your crystals in the mail and are applying them onto that little suit you have to wear! Don’t give up yet, only 5 weeks to go and then we can have a drink. I had three kids over last night and neighbor girl this morning for a few hours all while placing crystals and cooking for the weeks food. I made stuffed peppers, western omlettes and roasted veggies all before 1 pm so sometimes having ADD is a good thing! Just didn’t get any exercise in but following Thomas around.

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