Why I became a Beachbody Coach

Why I chose to be a Beachbody coach:

I am writing this blog to be open and honest about the reasons I signed on to be a Beachbody coach and explain what exactly we do.  A Beachbody coach is not a salesperson.  We are coaches that “coach” people we are in regular contact with into a better way of life. I’ve found myself acting as a coach for some time now while working in the fitness industry as a group exercise instructor or just by working out in the gym and offering advice to the girl next to me on form, technique, pre-workout snack, gym shoes, etc. A good friend and my workout buddy is a very successful Beachbody coach. I noticed that she never tried pushing the product on me but was always willing to share information if I asked.  She is a caring and genuine person and continues to motivate me on a regular basis. That is the kind of coach I want to be. So I did some independent research on Beachbody and Shakeology and decided to make it official and start earning money to do what I’ve been doing passionately for the past few years, motivating others and helping them get fit!

My backstory:

My first successful “diet” was when I joined a 30 day challenge group at a local gym. The cost included a nutrition plan, boot camp classes and a private Facebook challenge group.  I love competition, and even more than that, I love winning.  I had the support from the other girls to hold me accountable and keep me motivated.  If I cheated on the plan I was not only failing myself but I was letting others down.  I ended up dropping 2 pant sizes in those 21 days and tons of belly fat. My energy went through the roof and I felt amazing.  I was blown away by how quick I saw results and how great my body started to look.  The dreams of rocking a bikini and enjoying clothes shopping became a reality (and expensive).  No more jumping to get my jeans on!  I tend to have a very compulsive and addictive personality.  Luckily this addiction was a healthy one and I didn’t get bored after a few months or years (like scrapbooking).  I was the first to sign up for the next challenge and killed it.  I took it to another level and hired a trainer for a customized 90 day plan.  I worked out by myself and logged all my food in myfitnesspal (username nicole_j if you want to be friends).  By the summer I had abs!  Did you hear that? Abs!  Yes, this mother of three had washboard abs.  My kids asked what all those white marks were on my stomach (stretch marks) and I informed them that they are my battle wounds and I am a fierce warrior.  I earned those marks and I am not afraid to show them.  I dare them to ask again.

After a couple years of “living the fit life” the demands of my job and family started taking up more and more time and gave me many excuses as to why I couldn’t make it to the gym as much. We decided to sell our house in a very short time and purchase a fixer upper.  I became focused on home improvement projects when I wasn’t at work and let my health take a backseat.  My clothes started to get tighter, I began not liking the way I felt and I was unhappy with my appearance.  I took this unhappiness out on those around me and it negatively impacted my relationships.  My work posted a team weight loss challenge in the nick of time. A few girls and I joined the challenge as a team and followed the 21 Day Fix Extreme program with Beachbody to help us achieve our goals.  I didn’t miss a single day for 21 days straight.  Why? Because it was a competition and I am very competitive!  I dropped 2 pants sizes, gained my confidence back and rocked a bikini at spring break with my kids.  The workouts were only 30 minutes each day and I could do them at home.  I really had no excuse.  Who can’t make time for a 30 minute commitment each day?  Yes, I said “make” time, not “find” time.  If you are waiting until you can “find” time then keep waiting around in your fat jeans. (Sorry, I am a pretty direct person)  The 21 Day Fix meal plan was simple and the containers took the guess work out of serving size.  I loved the program so much.  I not only lost weight and added some muscle definition, I gained flexibility, strength and endurance.  I haven’t stopped since then.  As soon as I caught myself relaxing a bit and gaining weight I contacted my favorite trainer and began prepping for my first NPC bikini competition.  I supplemented my workouts with the Beachbody T25 and Insanity Max videos and saw amazing results.  They kicked my butt and now I am ready to help you kick your own ass!

So in summary, that is my road to being a Beachbody coach story. This is the beginning of a new chapter in my book and I can’t wait to start helping other people write their own story.   What will your story be?  At any given moment you have the power to say: this is not how the story is going to end.  Are you ready to start writing?

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