Staying on track while vacationing 

I am currently less than nine weeks out from my second NPC bodybuilding competition and took a five day vacation to Florida with my family.  Normally the thought of going on vacation while on a “diet” would stress me out and likely ruin my trip.  Well, not anymore.  I prepared a few healthy meals ahead of time in cheap plastic containers and froze them.  I packed the frozen meals in my luggage and stuck them in the fridge when we arrived at the hotel. I picked up trial size packets of protein powder from GNC, quest bars, peanut butter packets, rice cakes and plain instant oatmeal.  This ensured that if I was stuck in a bind I could heat up one of my meals or have a bar. I mixed the protein powder with oatmeal for breakfast and had rice cakes and peanut butter pre-workout. I’m not drinking alcohol so I picked up crystal light berry sangria and mixed with club soda at the bar.  Because I wasn’t working and had lots of extra time in the morning I really focused on my workouts and took my time executing the movements. I added extra cardio in the form of scenic walks with my family. I over endulged on veggies, steamed crab and wild caught fish.  I stayed full and was able to enjoy meals with everyone else. I am returning home feeling rested and hopefully a little lighter. I have no guilt over junk I ate or drank.  I am not on a “diet” anymore, it’s a lifestyle. Once I embraced that concept my whole perspective changed. Live fit for life.


About me – Nicole Marie

I am a wife, a mother, an engineer, a fitness enthusiast, a group exercise instructor and a nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor.  I love lifting weights, long walks on the beach, red wine, dark chocolate, playing cards with my family and snuggling on the floor with my sweet Rottweiler.

My journey to living fit started in my early 30s.  I struggled with weight my whole life and never felt satisfied with where I was at.  I associated being “skinny” with eating less and running a lot.  Well, I didn’t like to run and l love to eat, so my dreams of being “skinny” were just that, dreams.  I finally found balance after meeting an excellent trainer and a support group of wonderful women at a local gym.  I learned the concepts behind clean eating and choosing nutrient dense foods that would provide my body with fuel.  I changed my diet and began strength training 3-5 times per week.  I immediately saw changes in my body, and my confidence and energy sored through the roof! I am passionate about health and fitness and started this page to share that passion with others.  I have many tips and tricks on juggling your fitness goals with being a working mother and wife.  I make healthy choices not only for myself but for my family.